Customer Testimonials for Car Stop Inc

Geonna T. - 2008 Honda Civic

My name is Geonna, I've been searching for a car for 3 months. The moment I walked into Car Stop the feeling was amazing. I was not harassed with a bunch of reasons why I should buy a car from Car Stop. Instead Eddie was amazing. He listened to what I wanted, needed and what was affordable to me. He helped me every step of the way and made it work for me. I thought I would never have a car and Eddie made it happen for me and I can not thank him or Car Stop enough for putting me in this car, literally my job was on the line. So thank Eddie and Car Stop for making my dreams come true. Thank you. Geonna

Nathan C. Mingo - 2008 Honda Accord

Car Stop did a very good job of selling me, Nathan C. Mingo a good car. Mr. Eddie was very professional with the service he give me. Nathan C. Mingo Newark, NJ

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